Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the All Inclusive Wedding Package?

Two cameramen film from early morning preparations to late night fun and dancing.You will receive 5 copies of your DVD as standard, each with interactive menu screens, bonus features and personalised DVD covers. See Prices section for more details.


2. Why not get a family member to shoot my wedding video?

We at Beyond the Veil will draw on all our experience and skill as award winning filmmakers to produce a beautiful portrait of your wedding day. As we use two cameramen as standard, we are unique in our guarantee of capturing every aspect of your wedding, from the small intimate moments to the grand displays of love and affection. A wedding video is not just a document of the day; if entrusted to the hands of professionals it can be a treasured keepsake for the years to come.

3. Will a wedding video intrude on my day?

Both of our cameramen are trained and experienced in documentary filmmaking, and apply the techniques we have learned to our wedding videos. We use long lenses to capture all of the details from afar, and remote radio and clip on microphones to pick up sound without intrusion. We dont ask the bride or groom to pose for the camera, the more natural the better!

4. How can I make my wedding video unique and personal?

We tailor every video to the personality and chemistry of the bride and groom. Wedding videos are a collaborative effort;  If you would like sit down and discuss your vision of the wedding video with us prior to the event, we’d love to get you involved!

5. Where are you based?

We are based in Dublin, but are available to shoot nationwide.

6. How long will I wait for my DVDs?

Most of our wedding videos are delivered between 6-8 weeks after the wedding day.