The bride

We will arrive at your house in time to soak in the atmosphere, nerves and joy of the morning.

The Groom at church

We gather in anticipation with the groom outside the church as the guests arrive and as they make their way within.

Bride arrives at church

One of the most important parts of the wedding video is the brides entrance and we will be there to capture each moment as she approaches the altar.

Wedding Ceremony

Every angle is covered by both of our cameramen to ensure comprehensive footage of the wedding ceremony itself. Top of the range sound equipment will be positioned in various places near the altar and on the participants.

Outside church

All the cheer and congratulations will be filmed. We also follow the photographer as they take the shots outside the church and around the area. This is a lovely behind the scenes look at the process.

Entire reception

We maintain high standards when it comes to the reception and speeches. The main orators and reactions of the crowd are covered. Again professional mics are used to ensure crystal clarity.

First Dance

One of the most magical moments in anyones wedding is the first dance. Through shooting and editing techniques we capture all of its grace and elegance.


Late night revelry.  We film everyone having a good time at the grand finale of the celebrations.